4 Tips to Remember When Jumpstarting an Auto Battery

Many motorists have at one point encountered someone who needed help to jumpstart the battery of a stalled car. Some people who try to help such a person can end up messing up the electrical systems of their cars due to the mistakes that they make during that jumpstarting process. This article discusses some tips that you can implement so that you avoid many negative effects that can result when you try to jumpstart another person's car.

Check the Fluids

It is advisable for you to check the fluids of the other battery before you attempt to jumpstart it. This precaution is particularly vital during cold weather. Frozen battery fluids can cause that battery to explode once you attempt to jumpstart it. Such an explosion can also affect the electrical system of your car.

Unplug Accessories

It is also important for you to unplug or turn off all the accessories in your car before you jumpstart the other battery. The process of jumpstarting another battery puts a heavy strain on your car's battery. The impact of that strain can damage your appliances, such as a phone that was charging. It is therefore prudent for you to turn off all your accessories before you jumpstart that other battery.

Protect Yourself

Wear rubber gloves and goggles when you are going to jumpstart a battery. The goggles are necessary because the sparks that are generated as you jumpstart the other battery can damage your eyes. The rubber gloves will guard you from any electric shocks that can occur as you connect the jumper cables from your car to the other battery.

Check the Battery

Most cars come with 12-volt batteries. However, car technology has changed so much that it is no longer wise to assume that all car batteries are of the same voltage. Take the precaution of confirming that the voltage of the battery that you want to jumpstart is similar to the voltage of your car's battery. Otherwise, the other battery may simply drain or even damage yours without even starting.

Each car manufacturer normally provides specific guidelines for using that car's battery to jumpstart another battery. Self-jumpstarting instructions are also provided. Always familiarise yourself with those guidelines in the manual of your car so that you are equipped with the right knowledge when you are required to assist someone whose car has failed to start. Consult a battery expert for help if you have any doubts about the ability of your car battery to handle the demands of jumpstarting another battery.