Two Electrical Services Every Business Needs: Electricity Safety Audit and Energy Audit

Virtually every business operating in Australia today uses electricity in one way or another. Electricity is used to provide interior and exterior lighting, run air conditioning units and other HVAC equipment, operate computers, photocopiers, printers, and several other pieces of electrical equipment. But the use of electricity by businesses is not without risks and costs. To start with, electricity is a major safety hazard in commercial buildings because it can ignite sparks or flames that may cause fires and explosions, which may in turn lead to the loss of business assets and cause bodily injuries and even loss of lives. Secondly, electricity consumption costs money, and business owners and/or managers constantly have to seek ways of minimising operational costs. 

The good news is that there are electrical services being offered to maintain electrical safety (electricity safety audit) and keep electricity expenses down (energy audit). Here's a discussion on what each type of electrical service entails:

Electricity safety audit

There may be potential electrical safety hazards in commercial premises that, if neglected, can cause harm to people. An electricity safety audit is designed to identify and eliminate any electrical safety hazards that may be present in the working environment. These safety hazards can vary from building to building, but they all pose a threat to the safety of people and items in a building. Poorly insulated wires, faulty electrical outlets, bad connections, faulty electrical equipment, etc., are all examples of electrical hazards that may lead to electrocution or start fires and explosions. 

Qualified electricians can point out these hazards so that the workplace can be made safe for everyone that accesses the premises. Businesses that have electricity safety audits carried out can reduce their liability in case an electrical accident arises. 

Energy audit 

Most businesses in Australia get their electricity supply from the national grid. This means that they receive an electricity bill every month. Because using mains electricity costs money, it is important to ensure efficient consumption of electricity. Energy audits are intended to help electricity consumers know the amount of electricity that they use in their buildings. These audits are designed to calculate how much electricity each appliance uses and to help identify sources of electricity wastage in the building. 

Energy auditors can help businesses reduce their electricity costs by recommending appliance upgrades and fixing areas identified as sources of electricity wastage. Energy auditors can also recommend best practices that can be followed to help minimise electricity consumption.

With these two electrical services, businesses can minimise the occurrence of electrical accidents at their premises and lower their energy costs.