Why You Need to Prioritise a Home Electrical Inspection As Soon As Possible

Did you know that many people are injured across the country each year  due to electricity-related accidents at home? This is a sobering statistic, but it's hardly surprising when you consider just how many electrical appliances Australians use these days. What can you do to avoid becoming one of these unlucky people?

Why You May Be at Risk

If you haven't ordered a complete electrical health check for some time, there's no time like the present. Some people may never have done this, even though they've been gradually increasing the number of appliances they use as time goes by, placing additional pressure on the circuit and installation. Some people have a "set it and forget it" attitude, but they should remember that an electrical installation requires ongoing maintenance, just like your car.

How to Carry Out a First Inspection

Have a look at all of the wall sockets in the entire property, and inspect each plug that is attached to them. In turn, look at the cables that connect the plug to the appliance or gadget. Do you notice any damage, such as burn marks here or there, or any frayed or out-of-date wiring? Can you hear a very faint buzzing or cracking noise, if you listen closely? You may have had to reset a couple of breakers recently and wondered for a moment what was going on. You may be able to trace that problem back to this location.

While you are checking, don't forget to have a look at the integrity of any extension cables that you may have. Most households rely on these, which is never a good idea, as they are intended to be temporary fixes. You may be overloading the circuit without realising it.

What to Do Next

Don't be tempted to try and initiate any repairs by yourself. If you can, switch off the supply to a suspect circuit, just to be on the safe side. Your next task will be to do some initial research online to find a qualified, certified and government-registered electrician so that you can start to explain your problems. Have a look at their website and also search for testimonials from existing and happy customers. Remember, you're talking about the safety of your family here and need to be sure that you are employing somebody who knows what they are doing.

Why You Should Inspect Now

So, make it your priority today to conduct a full initial inspection, but remember — look but don't touch, and call out the expert as soon as you can.