Some Jobs a Level 2 Electrician Can Do for Homeowners

The average homeowner in Australia is considered to be a low voltage consumer of electricity. Most of these consumers get their electricity supply from the national grid and require an authorised electrician to link the power to their electricity meter box. In Australia, this a job for Level 2 electricians

Unknown to many homeowners, Level 2 electricians can offer a wide range of residential electrical services other than mains electricity connection. Here is a look at some of those services. 

Installation of electricity meters

Before a home can be connected with mains electricity supply, metering equipment must be available. Electricity meters help measure and take readings of the amount of electricity that will be used in the home on a periodic basis, usually monthly. There are several types of meters that can be used in homes, including old, basic meters such as accumulation meters (also called single-rate or flat rate meters) and interval meters (commonly referred to as time of use meters), and smart meters, which are the latest meter types available on today's market. Each type of meter has its own set of advantages and disadvantages, and Level 2 electricians can help homeowners choose the most suitable meter for their homes.

Electricity network upgrade 

Homeowners may add electrical equipment that requires extra power to their homes. This will mean that their current voltage capacity will not be adequate for their increased needs. Therefore, a residential electricity supply upgrade will be required. An accredited Level 2 electrician can help homeowners in need of an electricity network upgrade determine how much extra voltage they will require to meet their new needs. They will also perform the upgrade by replacing lower voltage cables and electrical components with new ones that match the higher voltage required. 

Disconnection of mains electricity supply

It is Level 2 electricians that connect homeowners to the mains electricity network, and they are also the go-to guys when mains service lines need to be disconnected from the network temporarily for minor repairs, or permanently for building demolition. Homeowners are strongly advised against conducting any disconnections themselves because they will be held personally liable for any power disruptions resulting from improper disconnections that may affect other people connected to the same network.

These are just but a few common services that Level 2 electricians can provide to homeowners. If you have a job they can handle, they will gladly do it for you.