What to Do When Your Oven Cooks Unevenly

Have you noticed that your food is cooking unevenly recently? If your food is always more well done on one side, there could be a fault with your oven. If you expect the oven isn't cooking as evenly as it should, here's a step-by-step guide to rectifying the problem.

Step 1: Test It First

Sometimes, when cooking instructions aren't followed carefully, a working oven can appear to be cooking unevenly. The easiest way to check whether your oven is cooking evenly is to toast a loaf of bread in it. Spread as many slices of bread as you can fit onto a baking tray, and put them into the oven for several minutes. When you take the bread out of the oven, every piece should be cooked evenly. If some slices are overcooked or uncooked, you'll know you have a problem, and you'll know what your problem area is.

Step 2: Check Your Sensor

If your oven is cooking unevenly, one common causes is a worn out or displaced temperature sensor. First, check to make sure your oven's temperature sensor is touching the oven wall. If it's not, repositioning it could fix your problem. If the sensor's in the right place, it could still been worn out. Sensors can be tested using an ohmmeter. If you don't have one to hand, call in an oven repairs team to take a look for you. Faulty sensors are usually easy for professionals and consumers to replace.

Step 3: Check Your Element

If your sensor's in working order, it could be your one of your elements that's at fault. You can usually see if your element's burnt out by taking taking a look inside your heated oven. Both the top element (usually known as the broil element) and the bottom element (usually known as the bake element) should be visibly red hot. If one or both of them doesn't look hot enough, they may need to be replaced by an oven repairs professional.

Step 4: Call a Professional

If you've tried the above steps and you can't figure out what the problem is, call in a professional appliance repair company to take a look. And experienced professional can diagnose oven faults easily and repair them quickly before the problem gets worse. Remember, ignoring an oven that isn't working could be dangerous. Sometimes problems like faulty wiring can be the cause, and these problems need to be solved as soon as possible by a professional to avoid a house fire.