How to Ensure That Your Grill Is Ready for Your Culinary Compositions

Australia is a land where you simply have to embrace the outdoor lifestyle. Many people have outdoor pools and extensive back gardens, with a paved patio that's just perfect for entertaining. You may have a grill that takes pride of place on your patio and may be looking forward to firing this up for your first cookout. However, if you haven't paid much attention to this appliance since last season, is it still up to the task? What do you need to look for in order to ensure that your grilling season can continue uninterrupted?

Rust Removal

While one of these grills is designed for the outdoor life, it's not going to last forever. When it is subjected to wear and tear and typical humidity, rust is going to start forming in and around the firebox. A certain amount of this corrosion is nothing to worry about and you can get rid of it by using a stainless steel brush. However, you may need to replace the entire unit if you can see daylight through the bottom.

Clean Surfaces

What condition are the grilling surfaces in? Once again, a certain amount of rust may have built up over the winter season and you should clean this off before continuing. If this does not really give you a clean surface, you may have to replace them.


Sometimes, gas grills can "clog up" causing uneven heat to be produced, or yellowish flames. While the unit is cold, use something small and sharp (such as the end of a paperclip) and clean the holes in the burner tubes as much as you can.

Elbow Grease

Before you really start to conjure up your feast, take some time to clean as much of the grease from the unit as possible. This can be a laborious task, but an excessive amount could create a fire hazard if you're not careful.


Next, have a look at the hoses that connect the tank to the appliance. Are they still in good repair? You can check to see if they are leaking by smearing them with dishwashing liquid. This will enable you to see any leaks if there are any, when you turn on the gas.

Finally, have a look at the vents at the back that are crucial in order to control the temperature during cooking. They need to be clear of any impediments.

It's always best to be 100% sure that your grill is fit for purpose. If you're not, call your appliance repair specialist before you invite the entire neighbourhood over for lunch.