Why a Complete Electrical Overhaul May Be the Right Approach for Your Business

If you're in charge of a large commercial operation, you're always looking for ways to save money or get ahead of the opposition, while keeping your clients, employees (and everyone else for that matter) as happy as possible. You may occupy a large building that been around for some time and, to be truthful, could do with a renovation. However, you may be thinking twice about this as you wonder if that expenditure is truly necessary, in such a tight commercial environment. At the very least, you should consider having a look at an electrical upgrade for the entire building, as this can be beneficial in so many different ways. What could you be overlooking here?

Questions You Need to Answer

No installation can go on forever without a breakdown or failure. This is certainly the case when it comes to your electrical wiring system and you may experience more than just unexpected downtime should this happen. How do you think your employees feel working in a space where the lighting system doesn't work properly? This will do nothing for their morale, quite apart from their productivity. If you need to welcome customers to the building from time to time as well, it can create a bad impression and make your clients wonder if the business is doing okay.

Insurance Implications

You will no doubt understand the importance of insurance and also know that this represents a significant line item on your budget sheet. An insurance underwriter is not going to be particularly happy if they learn that your electrical system is defective, but on the other hand a broker may be able to find some additional discounts if you invest in a rewiring upgrade.

What to Look for

Have a good look throughout the building for some warning signs. Your electrical outlets should manage the current you need to power your various items of equipment without any issues. However, if you ever see scorch marks on or around the plate, this is an indication that action is needed. Are employees reporting outages from time to time, or circuit breakers that frequently need to be reset? This is a sign that the system is getting overloaded and on the verge of a bigger failure.

You may also notice that overhead lighting appears to flicker, or may go dim for several seconds before returning to normal. Again, these are signs that the wiring system and hardware may need to be replaced.

Biting the Bullet

Get in touch with a qualified commercial electrician to get a feel for what needs to be done. Don't forget to weigh up the cost against potential savings elsewhere.