3 Beautiful And Modern Lighting Ideas For Your Home

Lighting plays an important part in creating the desired look in your home. The quality and amount of light is important and can make a room feel cosier, warmer and more inviting if used correctly. Lighting is also a decorative feature and can provide a room with a sculptural element which helps to define the style and mood of the room. If you're considering new lighting for your home, then here are three beautiful and modern lighting ideas that may be the perfect choice.

1. Pendant lighting

Pendant lights are lights which are suspended from the ceiling to provide a focused light to particular areas within a room. They can be used individually or in groups of two or more lights for brilliant design impact. Pendant lights work really well as overhead lighting for dining tables or as a light source for a reading nook or study area.

2. Modern chandeliers

If you'd like new lighting that has a real visual impact and makes a strong design statement, then a modern chandelier is a great choice. You can opt for a chandelier that is a replica of the antique styles that grace the interiors of stately homes, ballrooms and castles. For a more modern and edgy look, you might like a chandelier that uses materials such as perspex, coloured glass or highly reflective metals to create a functional piece of art in your home.

3. Recessed lighting

If you like a more streamlined and sleek look, then recessed lighting is an excellent choice. Recessed lights can be set into the ceiling, underneath cabinetry doors or along the floor line to create subtle yet visually impactful mood lighting that's suited to each particular room.

Teaming your recessed lighting with a dimmer switch is also a great idea. This lets you control the level of brightness depending on your activity and is especially useful in spaces such as the kitchen or living room where you both work and relax at different times of the day.

When you're looking for the perfect lighting for your home, make sure you also look for a registered electrician to install it in your home for you. Trying to install lighting yourself is not only dangerous it's also against the law. A professional electrician will make sure that your home's new lighting is safe and efficient to use as well as being a gorgeous new element in your home's interior design.