4 Reasons Why LED Lighting Is A Smart Choice For An Energy Efficient Home

With the ever-increasing cost of electricity and the increased understanding of sustainable living practices, many Australian homeowners are taking steps to reduce their home's electricity consumption. One of the best ways to do this is to install energy efficient lighting in your home.

Lighting is responsible for a large amount of a home's energy consumption. Changing your standard lighting over to highly efficient LED lighting is an effective way to reduce energy consumption and reduce your electricity bills. LED stands for Light Emitting Diodes, and here are four reasons why they're the best choice for low-cost lighting.

1. They're long-lasting and durable

LED lights will generally last for around ten times longer than other energy-saving lighting options such as CFLs (Compact Fluorescent Lights). They're also more durable than other lighting types. They don't have a delicate filament like incandescent lights and they don't have the fragile tubes of CFLs, both of which are vulnerable to damage and breakage.

2. They don't produce much heat

Unlike other lighting types, LED lights produce very little heat while they're operational. This means that the temperature of your home's interior will stay cooler during the hotter months. This will, in turn, add to your home's overall energy efficiency by reducing the need for air-conditioning.

3. They use far less electricity

LEDs are the most efficient type of lightbulb and use considerably less electricity to produce an equivalent amount of light than both CFLs and incandescent bulbs. LEDs use between 4 and 25 watts of electricity compared to 8 to 40 watts for CFLs and 25 to 80 watts for incandescent.

4. They're a wise financial investment

LED lights are the most expensive type of lighting when it comes to the initial purchase, although prices have reduced significantly in recent years. However, the initial cost is a worthwhile investment and will end up being the most sound economical choice in the long term. The extended lifespan, reduced need for replacement and the reduction in electricity usage will all add up to big savings over time.

If you're considering replacing your home's lighting with more energy efficient LEDs, then contact your local electrician to organise an evaluation and quote. They can also provide you with an energy audit of many other features of your home so that you can further increase the sustainability and energy efficiency of your home and reduce your electricity bills even further.