DIY Electrical Repairs and Maintenance: 3 Potential Problems

In the past few decades, DIY repairs around the home have become an increasingly common choice among many Australian homeowners. However, while applying a lick of paint to the outside of your home or building a garden shed may be within your capabilities, some jobs are better left to professional contractors. One of these jobs is maintaining and repairing the electrical system in your home. Below is a guide to 3 potential problems which can arise if you attempt to perform DIY electrical work on your home.

Electric Shocks

Electricity is dangerous. Because it cannot be seen or heard, it is easy to forget that that coming into contact with electrical wires could give you a nasty shock, which could seriously injure or even kill you. Electrical professionals are trained in how to safely shut off the power to the electrical system in your home and will also have specialist equipment which will help to prevent accidental electrical shocks, such as ground fault circuit breakers.

Damage to Electrical Appliances

If you carry out a DIY repair job on your circuit board, you may fit fuses which are too large for the voltage which will be passing through them. If you use fuses which are too large, this will allow very high voltages to surge through the electrical system of your home in the event of a storm or electrical grid problem. Power surges can cause massive damage to electrical appliances such as computers, TVs and other items. Electrical damage will often result in the items having to be replaced at great expense.

Electrical Fires

If you attempt to service and repair an electrical appliance in your home, you run the risk that you will reattach the wires in the wrong way or that the wires may not be properly connected. If the wires accidentally come loose and touch each other, this may create the perfect condition for an electrical fire. The arc of electrical current between two wires can create enough heat to melt the plastic casing of the wire, and from there the fire can spread throughout your home, placing your life at risk.

If you think that your home requires some electrical maintenance, you should call a professional electrical contractor for further help and advice. The contractor will visit your home, where they will be able to assess the electrical system before carrying out any work that is necessary.