5 Warning Signs Your Electrical Wiring Is Faulty

Your electrical wiring is something that you should never ignore or take lightly. Electrical fires are an unfortunate occurrence that destroys many homes every year. To ensure you and your family are living in a house that is both properly wired and safe from such incidence, always pay close attention to your electrical wiring system. 

Here are five warning signs that your electrical wiring system is faulty and in need of an electrician

1. Flickering or Dimming Lights

If you notice your lights flicker or dim when you turn them on, call an electrician to inspect the electrical wiring system. Your lights may also produce a buzzing sound when they are turned on.

Additionally, dimming or flickering of lights when you use multiple appliances is a sign that your wiring requires a professional upgrade. 

2. Circuit Breaker Trips

A home circuit breaker will trip every once in a while. While their job is to switch off power when the system is overloaded, usually, you should switch it back on and continue as usual. However, if your circuit breaker is often tripping, it's a sign of a bigger problem which could be very dangerous. Ensure you call an electrician as soon as you notice the trips are one too many. 

3. Sparks

Whether in the fuse-box or your sockets, sparks are a major warning sign. Do not wait until the sparks ignite a fire to take the necessary action. Call an electrician or your electrical contractor as soon as you notice the problem.

4. Hot Switch Plates or Outlets

The outlet that powers your appliances should never get hot. Even your switch-plates should never be uncomfortably hot. If it becomes too hot, make sure you immediately switch off the appliance plugged into it. 

Take note of switch plates and outlets that heat up even when nothing is plugged in or switched on. Do not focus only on those that are in use. Do not try to open them up and diagnose the problem, and instead, call a qualified electrician to inspect the system and apply the necessary actions to remedy the situation. 

5. Shocks

If you experience some electrical shock when using your electrical system, whether it is switching it on or off or even connecting an appliance to the outlet, this could be a sign of a problem with the electrical wiring. If unattended, the minor shock could grow to a level that can significantly injure you or even cause death.

The last thing you should do is try and fix the electrical problems yourself. Call a licenced electrician to inspect your home for faulty wiring. If you are in the construction stage of your premise, ensure you hire a qualified electrical contractor to avoid the problems above that arise from faulty electrical wiring.