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Two Electrical Services Every Business Needs: Electricity Safety Audit and Energy Audit

Virtually every business operating in Australia today uses electricity in one way or another. Electricity is used to provide interior and exterior lighting, run air conditioning units and other HVAC equipment, operate computers, photocopiers, printers, and several other pieces of electrical equipment. But the use of electricity by businesses is not without risks and costs. To start with, electricity is a major safety hazard in commercial buildings because it can ignite sparks or flames that may cause fires and explosions, which may in turn lead to the loss of business assets and cause bodily injuries and even loss of lives. Read More 

4 Tips to Remember When Jumpstarting an Auto Battery

Many motorists have at one point encountered someone who needed help to jumpstart the battery of a stalled car. Some people who try to help such a person can end up messing up the electrical systems of their cars due to the mistakes that they make during that jumpstarting process. This article discusses some tips that you can implement so that you avoid many negative effects that can result when you try to jumpstart another person's car. Read More